Smith/Myers brings back a little normalcy to 2020

These have been trying times all over the world with the covid-19 pandemic taking away everything we normally do, watch, and listen to. So when it was announced the Brent Smith and Zach Myers were scheduling an acoustic tour, to say we were excited was an understatement.

Playing to a good sized crowd(social distancing was in place) Smith/Myers hit the stage and helped us enjoy and take part in something we thought may be lost until late 2021. The duo ran through all the classic Shinedown songs as well as quite a few surpises along the way.

The duo treated the crowd to covers of Never tear us apart by INXS, Someone like you by Adele, before closing out the night to the classic song In the air tonight by Phil Collins.

The show definitely took everyone back to a time when you could hang out with friends and enjoy a great show as Brent Smith announced to the crowd “We’re all in this together, so lets forget about stress and enjoy music”. Not just great musicians but great musicians who care about their fans through and through

BLACK SABBATH Drummer TOMMY CLUFETOS: ‘Rock And Roll Is Gonna Explode’ After The Pandemic

During a recent appearance on Ted Nugent‘s “Spirit Campfire” Internet TV show, drummer Tommy Clufetos (BLACK SABBATHOZZY OSBOURNEROB ZOMBIETED NUGENTALICE COOPER) spoke about what the touring circuit might look like post-pandemic.

He said (see video below): “After all this time off, I’m gonna blow up, man. But during all this chaos, I’m trying to take it as, ‘Okay, this is your breather, man. Take your breather, and just be ready.’ ‘Cause it’s happening for a reason. But rock and roll is gonna explode after this. People are gonna go nuts.

“People are saying, ‘Well, I don’t know if people are gonna go to concerts again.’ And I’m going, ‘Are you crazy?’ People don’t care,” the 40-year-old rocker continued. “They’re gonna go, ‘Virus smirus.’ When they’re allowed, people are gonna come out in droves. They’re gonna let loose like the end of the war, man. They’re gonna go nuts, and we’re gonna be right there rocking for ’em.”

Clufetos worked with such rock icons as NugentAlice Cooper and Rob Zombie before joining Ozzy Osbourne in 2010. That led to a spot as the drummer on BLACK SABBATH‘s last two world tours.

In a 2018 interview with The Oakland PressClufetos stated about playing with SABBATH: “All four of those original SABBATH guys have a very unique way of playing, four unique individuals creating a sound. You can’t copy them. You’ve just got to get into the heartbeat of the music and do it justice. Hopefully I did it justice. I tried my best.”

As for OsbourneTommy said: “He’s a special guy. He has a special talent and a unique charisma unto himself that I’ve never seen before. He’s just entertainment, all the way around. He’s a master at what he does, and he knows how to entertain a crowd and give them what they want. He sets the tone, and you want to go to war with him. It’s a great feeling being behind him.”

ANTHRAX’s SCOTT IAN On Touring Post-Pandemic: ‘In My Mind, I’m Not Going Back To Work, Probably, Until 2022’

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian recently spoke to “Hardcore Humanism With Dr. Mike” about how he is dealing with the coronavirus crisis and what the touring circuit might look like post-pandemic. He said (hear audio below): “We never would have electively, as a band, said, ‘Let’s take two years off.’ It’s not something we would ever have done. Financially, it’s not something we could afford to do even. But even just on every level, that conversation — ‘Let’s take a hiatus’ — that’s not gonna happen. We’ve been forced into that situation. So if there’s one silver lining about this for me, [it’s] I get to be home with my family for longer than I’ve ever been. That’s awesome. So figuring out ways to work with everything going on on the planet and being able to stay creative and stay busy and work and make things work financially, it was kind of like starting over, in a weird way, four months ago.

“All right, what I do is not essential, which that was not hard to come to grips with,” he continued. “I understand. I get to be home with my family. Now I get to do this full time. And then how are we gonna make it work with the band so financially we could keep our heads above water as well? Because who knows how long this is gonna be? We’re gonna be the last ones to go back to work. So, figure it out.

“There’s a part of me now that’s in those same shoes I was in when I was 17 years old, because it’s trying to figure out, how are we going to do this? Luckily for us, this year was kind of an off year from touring anyway, because we’re writing a record, and the plan was to have it out at the end of this year. That’s all changed. We’re hoping next summer. But it’s still a crapshoot. Nobody knows. Everyone’s saying everything’s gonna happen again in ’21 — maybe.

“In my mind, I’m not going back to work, probably, till, I’m thinking, ’22,” Ian said. “Realistically, that’s when things will maybe start to get somewhere back to normal, for my world, as a touring musician. So now it’s become a case of, how do I keep things running for the next two years — with the luxury of being home. Because if it was up to me, I’d just hang around and jam with my son all day long. But now I have to be able to have the balance of I get to just be home and I get to go to the beach and hang out. And it becomes very easy to do nothing. And when I say nothing, I don’t mean nothing in a lazy way. I mean, not have anything to do with my band and literally be on vacation from my work. So it’s almost like a retraining. Even doing interviews, I kind of, at one point, said, ‘I’m not doing anything.’ You know what? I have a chance now to literally take a break. And I did. We kind of did. And then we started doing these ‘Instajam’ collaboration things online and whatnot and slowly but surely getting our feet back in the game, and I’m sure that’ll pick up over the months.

“But I’ll tell you what: I love being home,” he admitted. “I love not traveling. I love not getting on a plane. I was looking at our schedule, ’cause it was all on my calendar. I was supposed to be in Europe for the last two weeks playing festivals. I was, like, ‘Oh my God. I am so glad I am not in the Ukraine right now.’ Imagine there was no pandemic. I’m literally, like, I’m home right now, and I’m sitting in my living room hanging out. Just the idea of that, it’s never happened. We’ve never canceled shows. It was out my hands. And it was nice to have no power. For kind of the first time, it’s all out of my hands. It’s, like, ‘Hey, there’s nothing I can do. [I’m] just gonna hang out here with my family. You tell me when it’s okay to come back to work.'”

The 30th-anniversary Deluxe Edition of ANTHRAX‘s “Persistence Of Time” album was released on August 21 via Megaforce Records. Produced by ANTHRAX and Mark Dodson, it was made available exclusively on disc and vinyl. The CD package includes two CDs and one DVD, the vinyl edition offers four LPs, as well as revised cover art that reflects what had been the album’s original visual concept.

Last week, Ian said that ANTHRAX has “a lot of material” written for its next studio album. The follow-up to 2016’s “For All Kings” will be ANTHRAX‘s third full-length release since the 2010 return of singer Joey Belladonna, who came back into the fold for the “Big Four” shows with METALLICASLAYER and MEGADETH, in the process helping inspire a new wave of creativity.

Suicide Silence Virtual Tour Live Stream

Review by Shawn Brandon

What is certain to become the new normal in the music community Suicide Silence has started a virtual tour playing live streams to different cities, countries, and on certain dates multiple locations in the same day.

On the heals on their most recent release “Become the Hunter” which marked the bands return to their Deathcore roots. So, whats a band to do in the middle of a global pandemic to promote their release when you can’t tour? Bring the fucking show to the people right in their living room!

This was my first virtual show and Suicide Silence did not disappoint. I want to say their sound was impeccable and wire tight! The band did a great job of having funny skits in between every few songs to really keep the audience entertained. Some skits that stood out was Garza’s healthy pizza where he put oreos and gummy’s on his pizza to help cut carbs, the Alex Webster dictionary to help you find the right words for your next death metal song.

We will have to wait to sometime in the future for live shows to happen but I will say that this was a great experience and Suicide Silence is doing a fantastic thing by bringing this to the masses. Kudos to SS!!

Go support the guys and enjoy some kickass Deathcore music!

Two Steps
You Only Live Once
Fuck Everything
Wake Up
No Pity For Cowards
Skin Tight
Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down